How did DA Cruezot Perform During his First 100 Days?

Over 5,000* people are locked behind bars in Dallas County jails on any given day. More than 60% of those people are being held because of their inability to pay for their freedom. Last November, the people of Dallas County elected a district attorney who made clear commitments to meaningfully reduce incarceration.

During our Smart Justice Forum, then-candidate John Cruezot committed to creating policies within his first 100 days of office that prioritized fairness, transparency, and accountability. Today, more than 100 days after Cruezot was elected to become the most powerful official in Dallas’ criminal justice system, we continue to monitor the progress of his Smart Justice campaign commitments. To hold District Attorney Cruezot accountable, we’ve closely tracked every policy update and press release circulated by the District Attorney’s office since Cruezot’s inauguration.

We categorized each of Cruezot’s campaign commitments by our Smart Justice Platform initiatives to provide a better understanding of how each of the DA’s newly proposed policies would change Dallas County’s criminal justice system.

We then closely examined each policy release to determine if each campaign commitment was complete, incomplete, or in progress.

  • A commitment is complete if there was a corresponding policy released and implemented between January 1st and May 23rd.
  • A commitment is in progress if there was a Smart Justice commitment mentioned in a policy update that has yet to be implemented.
  • A commitment is incomplete if John Cruezot agreed to the commitment during the Smart Justice Forum, but there has been no corresponding policy released or implemented by the District Attorney’s office.

Finally, we compiled the combined progress for each category to calculate how the DA performed during his first 100 days.

So how did he score? Here’s a breakdown of DA Cruezot’s Smart Justice commitment progress, by the numbers:

DA Infographic

A full listing of each Smart Justice commitment and corresponding policy released by the DA’s office since January 1st, 2019 can be found in the downloadable table below:

* Dallas County Jail Population: 5,385 as of 9/01/2019
* Pre-trial population: 3,302 as of 9/01/2019