How Did the Candidates Score on Smart Justice?

Over the last four decades, Texas’ prison population has exploded. Today, there are 71,722 people behind bars in Texas who should be free.

DA’s can help bring this number down by implementing just a few sensible reforms. That’s why we reached out to candidates for Dallas County’s district attorney race about policy reforms they would support if elected to office. The ratings reflect how their answers line up with the ACLU of Texas’ Smart Justice priorities to reduce mass incarceration.

On November 6, elect a district attorney committed to:

  • Reducing mass incarceration
  • Seeking justice, not just convictions
  • Addressing racial bias in the criminal justice system
  • Creating transparency in policy and decision making
  • Holding police and prosecutors accountable for misconduct

On Saturday, Oct. 13, Dallas County voters will have the opportunity to hear from candidates for district attorney at the General Election Candidate Forum. Choosing the right candidate is a critical decision that will affect millions of Dallas residents. We’ve invited both candidates to meet the people of Dallas face-to-face and share their plans for smart justice reform. RSVP to attend the forum and learn where the candidates stand.